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Proven Lean Techniques 

Simple tips you can use to make your manufacturing business more profitable

In this free webinar, you will discover simple, cost-effective ways to make your manufacturing business more profitable. Two time Shingo Prize Winner Gary Conner will share what works and what doesn't so you can spend more time getting product out the door and less time putting out fires. 

If you’re a high mix, low volume manufacturer, this workshop is for you. Learn how manufacturers like you have doubled sales and profit without increasing staff, equipment or facility space.

Increase capacity by reducing Set-up Time, improving flow, and utilize an improved value added ratio to build a healthy, successful and more profitable manufacturing company. 

What You'll Learn

Become a profitable manufacturing company

Reduce set up time to gain valuable free capacity and improve profitability

Become a profitable manufacturing company

Identify and remove bottlenecks (constraints) from your production

Become a profitable manufacturing company

Understand the benefits of flow (versus batch) manufacturing and how to utilize it in high mix-low volume environments

Webinar Details

Date: September 2nd, 2016 

Time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PST 

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Meet The Instructor

Gary Conner, Manufacturing Consultant

Gary Conner - Senior Consultant, OMEP

Since beginning his consulting career in the late 1990’s, Gary has worked with 200 companies and conducted over 800 continuous improvement events – working in nearly every State and multiple Canadian Provinces.

His diverse background and experience includes primary and secondary woods, metals, glass and plastics, furniture, aerospace, injection molding, precision machining, electro-mechanical-electrical assembly, medical product equipment design and manufacturing, high speed printing as well as service organizations, non-profits, healthcare and even governmental agencies.

Gary is a two time Shingo Prize winner and specializes in adapting the Toyota Production System to high mix-low volume environments.

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